Early Life Saint Hubert
Saint Hubert came from a noble lineage in Maastricht (France) between 656-705 A.D. He was brought up in luxury amidst grandeur. Hubert became known for archery despite his upbringing.

Hubert’s hunting skills were legendary. He became famous for both his perfect aim and his ability to prepare a feast that was plentiful. He had a life-changing encounter with a deer during a Good Friday search.

Saint Hubert’s Vision

Legend says that Hubert cornered and turned the stag to face him while he was chasing a buck on horseback. st hubert patron saint A crucifix shone between the stag’s horns. Hubert reported hearing and seeing a voice in that second telling him to turn towards the Lord and live a holy life.

Hubert’s spiritual Transformation

Hubert was profoundly affected by the experience. He gave up his life of luxury, privilege, and wealth. Hubert gave up his titles as well as his birthright to be the long time Duke of Aquitane and dedicated himself to Christianity. Floribanne was killed while giving birth Saint Floribert, Hubert’s spouse. Hubert devoted himself to his religious journey only after Floribanne’s death.

Hubert’s Journey inside the Church

Hubert sought the guidance of Bishop Lambert from Maastricht who became his advisor spiritually. Hubert began his pilgrimage to Rome, under Lambert’s mentorship. Hubert received his ordination as a pastor during this gathering. He later became the thirty onest Bishop of Maastricht.

Saint Hubert’s Legacy

Saint Hubert is credited with performing many miracles during his time as a Priest, including exorcisms. He is known for spreading Christianity throughout the Ardennes.

The Symbolism and Saint Hubert

Saint Hubert represents a deer that has a crucifix in between his antlers. This symbol is known by hunters everywhere and can be found on Jagermeister cap caps.

Honoring All Lifeforms

, not only became Patron Saint of hunter but also promoted honoring of animal’s lives. During his time, feasts took place to celebrate energy passed on from the animal’s life to the hunter.

Saint Hubert is the symbol of spiritual transformation, dedication, and transformation. His influence extends to archers as well, mathematicians in optics, metalworkers who enjoy Jagermeister, and hunters. Saint Hubert Medals as well as the Hunting Necklace serve to show your devotion to this Patron Saint of Hunting.

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