Most telecommunication companies offer a variety of ways in which you can save money on your phone bill. The main principle that major companies offer is that the more you talk, the more you safe. But even if you are not a big talker, there are quite a lot of services to choose from to make your bill still lower.

For example, in the recent years there has been a boom of override companies that provide their clients with the opportunity to make cheap calls without the need to sign contracts or do any long-term commitments that appear to be costly in the long run. The working principle of such companies (as DialAround, Dialwise, DiscountDial, italk247, Just-dial, Liquid Telecom, Pennyphone, Phonebird, Phonecheap, Ratebuster, Simply-fone, CheapchatUK, Tele88, Telediscount, Telesavers, Telestunt, 05pence, 1pminute, 4cheapcalling and others) is that they provide you with an access number each time you need to make call.

The access number can be attained on the website of each of these companies pakistan bills. After you have the access number of the country you are calling, you dial it from your landline or mobile and follow the recorded instructions. However, you should bear in mind that these companies do not guarantee you perfect quality of the connection, and also, there may be changes in their tariffs, so before each call, you should check the price. If it is higher, you can always move to another company without loosing any money because of that. Prices you pay, using these companies varies between 5-15p/min, depending on whether you are calling a landline or a mobile.

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